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December 08, 2008



“ But don't ignore the architecture, the deep structure of the American political system. Make no mistake, Obama is moving full-speed ahead into an executive mansion rebuilt and endlessly expanded by the national security state over the last half-century-plus, and then built up in major ways by George W.'s "team." Despite the prospect of a new dog and a mother-in-law in the White House, the president-elect and his transition team show no signs of wanting to change the basic furniture, no less close up a few wings of the imperial mansion (other, perhaps, than the elaborate prison complex at Guantanamo).

With so many catastrophes impending and so many pundits and journalists merrily applauding the most efficient transition in American history, no one, it seems, is even thinking about the architecture. “

Transition of power in Rwanda 1994:

“ In response to the April killing of the two state presidents, over the next three months (April - July 1994) the Hutu-led military and Interahamwe militia groups killed about 800,000 Tutsis and Hutu moderates in the Rwandan genocide. The Tutsi-led RPF continued to advance on the capital, however, and soon occupied the northern, eastern, and southern parts of the country by June. Thousands of additional civilians were killed in the conflict. UN member states refused to answer UNAMIR's requests for increased troops and money. Meanwhile, although French troops were dispatched during Opération Turquoise to "stabilize the situation," they were only able to evacuate foreign nationals and in some cases the genocide continued in zones they occupied while many high-profile Hutu war criminals escaped the RPF though French-controlled areas. “


I might advise that you count your blessings.


" On January 20th, Barack Obama will be more prepared than any president in recent history to move in and, as everyone now likes to write, "hit the ground running." But that ground -- the bloated executive and the vast national security apparatus that goes with it (as well as the U.S. military garrisons that dot the planet), all further engorged by George W., Dick, and pals -- is anything but fertile when it comes to "change." "

Couldn't help yourself. Right?


I think Roger makes a good point in the comments.

In a complex and increasingly connected world, bureaucracy (read: organization) is not necessarily a bad thing.

Perhaps there is too much of it, and perhaps it is too heavily weighted toward the executive.

But congress has proven inept and handling crises. From what I've seen of Obama's competence, I am willing to hand him the keys to power and see where he takes us.

I also intend to pitch in wherever I can and hope the author does as well.


I think Mr. Tom is accurate in his piece on the new Roman Empire we have become militarily across the globe while at the same time we are creaking inside. I was appalled when I read 200 nato trucks and humvees were torched in pakistan and there was no competent military team gaurding the depot outside of a few rent a cops. What appalled me was this represented probably 25-35 million dollars of vehicles plus shipping and storage and our government just blew it off as a nonevent. Then it happened again on a smaller scale for the fourth time this week again with only rent a cops gaurding the depot. Have you even looked at the tens of thousands of humvees and all sorts of vehicles we have sent and used up in Iraq? Nobody could run a business this way long and keep solvent. At the same time we have build up huge fleets of police, fire, safety, and military vehicles within the continental United States. We have really become the ultimate militarized state on so many levels and have federalized domestic law enforcement agencies as well to do all these joint task force operations with military precision. Daniel, Andrew Jackson supposedly changed the government to give the executive branch a lot more power and set up precedent to overrule states rights by the central government. It wasn't originally. But I agree with Tom, obama too, will probably run an imperial presidency with a populist bent this time.... reminds me of Animal Farm.


Hi Barbara,

Interesting post.


To revisit to an earlier topic -- be careful what you say "I don't know why it hasn't already happened" about:

California Surgeon Used Human Fat to Power Car


Marianna Scheffer

Imagine all these conservatives defending bloated bureaucracies. I love it.
Many Obama people I know are running to Washington to see if they can get a position or a share of the spoils.
Happy days are here again!


Interesting post! Happy New Year!

A fan

Is Barbara all right? Seems she's been missing in action for quite a while. We can't help but worry.

Larry In Lethbridge

I think Barb is taking a vacation.

Anyone know what happened to chris . the little guy from Coeur d'Alene who thinks Obama is a Muslim ?

I'd love to have a conversation with that little racist peckerhead.

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