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April 10, 2006


Kiersten Marek

Thanks for this reframe. I think you have hit on something. However, I notice as a person in the everyday world, that it has become "de classe" to engage in political speech. Perhaps it has always been and I'm just feeling it more acutely now. It's as if a vast majority of Americans like to believe that they are above the squabbling of politicians and it just doesn't have anything to do with their lives. I notice, for example, as a young mother who likes to hang out with other young mothers, that they get freaked out when I bring up political talk. They prefer to pretend that such talk does not need to enter their awareness. I also notice that people sometimes express a kind of general disdain for activism, as if it is interfering with their ability to focus exclusively on their home renovations or their vacation-planning.

These people are mostly democratic-leaning (I think), but they seem to see no real cause for concern, whereas it seems to me that we are at a point where without more civic engagement, we will be allowing the continuing spiral into a bloated government primarily focused on feeding corporate influence and the investor class.

Yet people I know continue to act as if politics is for low-lifes who don't know enough to get with it in terms of accumulating their own wealth. I guess I'm adjusting to the evidence that I'm one of those low-lifes.


Yet, many who refer to themselves as "conservative" don't seem to consider the military, jails, or police part of "government." They seem to view it as something separate. It seems that in their minds "government" refers only to centralized helping functions. My well-off right-wing Republican mother doesn't have a problem with her taxes going to the military or prison system, but she literally throws fits at the thought that her "tax dollars" are being "wasted" on people in need, who she claims just pretend to be needy in order to cheat the system. Sick, really, and part of the reason much of the world holds the US in contempt.


living wage
$7 ,17 or $70
you get what you're worth

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